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Are you looking for a fun, yet fully accredited, online high school? Then you will love our 100% online classroom school offering tutoring and live certified teaching staff, all at a very low cost. Enroll today and join the more than 1 Million students who have successfully used our curriculum. Finally a school that lets you do things the way you want, when you want, and how you want..

"An Investment In Knowledge, Always Pays The Best Interest."
-Benjamin Franklin

Adult Students

Designed for adults, 18 and older, that are looking to graduate from high school at a quicker pace. If you are looking for a program that will fit your busy schedule, then our Adult Track program is right for you. Learn More

Full Time Classes

Our virtual high school offers programs for students looking to attain a diploma at their own pace. We offer various, fully accredited, 9th through 12th grade programs to fit your busy schedule. Learn More

Part Time Classes

Independent Study or Recovery Classes, including Summer School. We offer programs for those who are simply looking to recover failed credits, or to advance their education in a specific area. Learn More


We are dedicated to offer you the best education possible, and allow you to stay focused on your team activities. Take your courses in the evenings, saving valuable Sheet time on the ice for your early days! Learn More

We have found the curriculum to be far superior than what is being offered at his public brick and mortar school. Based on comparisons with friends, your program is well beyond my child's public school and  does not have to be subjected to the bullying, drugs and other bad things I'm hearing is going on in his district.


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Do you want to take control of your child’s
education? Then homeschooling may be
the solution for you.

Franklin Virtual High School's homeschool program
puts you in the driver’s seat! You can move faster or slower
in the program depending on your child’s individual needs.
Every child is unique, and FVHS homeschool option recognizes
and respects the individuality of your child. With no set course
or hectic study schedules, your child can learn independently
using our award-winning online courses.

As a military family, your are often
faced with multiple relocations which
can be very difficult for your child.

At Franklin Virtual High School, we greatly respect
and support the needs of our troops both domestically
and internationally. By utilizing our online programs,
you can ensure that your child receives a high-quality
education from anywhere in the world. We also offer a
15% military discount to honor those who serve our country.

Summer can be a valuable time to earn a
credit you missed or to get a head start
for the upcoming school year.

Franklin Virtual High School’s online Summer School
programs are flexible and can be built around or into
the other summer activities you already have scheduled.
Since the average completion time for a summer course
is four to six weeks, you can even complete your courses
while traveling simply by bringing along your laptop
and a willingness to learn!

Whether you’re in America or China,
our doors are open to students
both at home and abroad.

As an international student at Franklin Virtual High School,
you will enjoy the same benefits as our American students,
such as the support of our dedicated teachers and access to
our courses anytime, anywhere. As a regionally accredited
school, Franklin High School grants its international
graduates a U.S. diploma (including a transcript) that is accepted
by schools, colleges, universities and employers around the world.

If your child is an aspiring Emma Watson
or Michael Phelps,you don’t have to worry
about saving your child’s grades.

Franklin Virtual High School offers programs that
fit seamlessly into the busy schedules of actors,
musicians, models, or athletes. At FVHS, we understand
that becoming a professional performer or athlete
requires a lot of grit and sacrifice, so we offer programs
that are uniquely suited to balance your child’s
professional and academic goals.

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