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Adult Track vs. GED

The GED certificate is only administered from GED testing centers.  It is not available online.

An alternative to the GED Certificate is our Adult Track Certificate.
It is similar to the GED exam in that both are graduation certificates (not diplomas), both require 250 questions and an written essay.

We offer 3 choices for you to graduate:
1) Diploma =    Take online classes (1 or more semesters) to earn your diploma
2) Adult Track = Take online exam to earn your graduate certificate suitable for college entrance
3) GED Prep = Take prep classes and take the exam at your local testing center

*The Adult Track certificate is recognized by colleges and employers as demonstrating that you completed high school. In accordance with our accreditor, this program is a certificate and not a diploma.  Accreditors do not allow a “diploma” to be issued by taking an exam.  Keep in mind even the GED is not a diploma (GED stands for General Equivalency Development).

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