Have You Been Cheated By A Fake School?

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Simply provide a faxed/emailed copy of you “diploma” from any fake school.

  • Email, Chat, or Call us and tell us you were scammed by another school
  • Fax (or email) us a copy of the fake certificates to (850) 270-6770
  • One of our Reps will give you a discount code towards your fees

List Provided By High School Review

Known Fake Schools

Real DOE Accredited BBB
Aberdeen High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Adison High School
 FAKE  No  Fake  No
Alford High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Aspen High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Aspire High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Bayville High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Beacon Falls High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Belford High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Capitol High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Columbian Northern  FAKE  No  None  No
Dalloway High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Edison High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Edward High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Ellenwood Academy  FAKE  Yes  None  No
Ford Worth High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Foster City High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Glacier Online Academy  FAKE  No  None  No
Heritage West HS  FAKE  No  None  No
John Adams High School  FAKE  Yes  Fake  No
Kennedy High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Liberty High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Lincoln Academy  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Lorenz High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Mary Grand High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Mayflower High School  FAKE  No  None  No
McFord High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
McHill High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Metro High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Must High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Nation High School  FAKE  No  None  No
Palm Valley High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Pacific High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Paramont High School  FAKE  No  None  No
PennFord High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Remington High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Rochville High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
SanFord High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
South Bristol High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
South City High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Sunfield High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
Titan High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
West Madison Falls HS  FAKE  No  Fake  No
WinFord High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No
WoodField High School  FAKE  No  Fake  No


Beware!  There are a large number of fake schools on the internet.  This page is ONLY a partial listing of schools to avoid.  Please don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.  The list below is only a sampling of known fake schools, but many more open every month so please take the steps outlined at the bottom of this page to ensure you can trust the school your are interested in.   There are many ‘schools’ that want to take your hard earned money, and in return their fake diploma will not get you into college or help you with an employer. Only enroll at a trusted online schools that have government recognized accreditation.


* Schools listed here as “fake” are based solely on FTC definition of recognized accreditation organizations:

Accreditation – Only consider a school that is accredited by a recognized accreditor (Click for Map).

ALL schools above use unrecognized accreditation.  Real schools register for a school code with CEEB.

Truth in Advertising – Many schools state they are accredited but created their OWN accrediting agency.  Accreditation is VOLUNTARY, but claiming fake accreditation is illegal: FTC Regulations (Title 254.2 & 254.3) require a school must be accredited by an agency recognized by the US DoE to advertise as is accredited.

Location – Where is your school located? Who are the individuals that own or manage it?  Beware of 800 numbers without a US address.  Beware of sites not showing a US address.  Academic Content  – Is a proctor required or can you pass just by answering the test randomly?  If it seems too easy, it’s either not real or does not have an accreditation agency backing the school.

Fake Schools Syndicates: RED and Blue Above – Many of the schools above are owned by the same two organizations, Pakistan based Kudeshi and Arizona based CNDLP. They open many fakes schools and use fake accreditation or affiliations.   They are not registered with the Dept. of Education nor the BBB.